The EACDT exists to improve the lives of the children of East Africa.

Here, you will find the emotional and uplifting stories of some of the teachers we have the great fortune to work with.

The program introduced a sport that many didn’t know about.

And those who knew it viewed cricket as a rich man’s game. But the program proved us wrong by bringing cricket to our schools.

Read Mr. Levi Kipchrirchir’s Story

Life now has a different dimension for the children.

Before they started the character and cricket programme, the kids in the slums would mostly spend their weekends or holidays begging, collecting scrap metal and doing bad things.

Read Mrs Kioko’s Story

We teachers really appreciate what the programme does to change people’s lives, especially our students.

My school has been involved with the programme for almost two years. Cricket as a new sport for our school was a challenge at first.

Read Mrs. Wanojhi’s Story

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