The EACDT exists to improve the lives of the children of East Africa.

Here, you will find the emotional and uplifting stories of some of the teachers we have the great fortune to work with.

Madam Ketty

“Character affects learning by a great margin. Through character education students learn to research and responsibility help them to take up tasks.  The students have been building self-confidence that help them rise up from academic failures. I have also witnessed the impact of integrity as a character on our students. Sometime teachers issue examination papers and leave the classroom but none of our students engages in exam malpractices.

There were times when discipline was poor in the school. Our students have become so disciplined that we hardly worry of problems such as strike. Just recently a neighbouring boys’ school went on strike when the schools after partial reopening of the schools. Such events never cross our mind but in case there are concerns over discipline, we believe that students can open up to the EACDT coach in our school. Thing could be different if your coach and character educator was not around. The students are very friendly and open to the coach. In fact, I think that students can only go on strike here if your coach and the game of cricket cease to exist in the school.”

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Mr. Vitalis Sirucha

“The organization (EACDT) has been doing a good job in our school by providing a good moral foundation to the children. Your lessons on character have improved discipline in our school and as a result of good discipline, the academic performance of the children in the programme has improved.”

Mrs Wanjohi

“We teachers really appreciate what the programme does to change people’s lives, especially our students.

My school has been involved with the programme for almost two years. Cricket as a new sport for our school was a challenge at first. But as we went on, it became interesting and is now a sport that many students enjoy. This also gives the students an alternative sport from the traditional games we play.

The programme has made participants responsible, and their interest in the sport has been aroused through the character traits that are taught, which are specific to what we encounter in our lives.

Through the holiday camps we have received positive responses from parents and students, giving the students a sporting chance to keep them away from bad company, drugs and peer pressure. The parents appreciate the programme a lot.

The programme has enabled students develop leadership skills by organising training while the teachers and coaches are not there, as well as developing social skills


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