EACDT exists to teach the young children of East Africa eight key personal characteristics that are widely thought to be essential for personal and professional success:-

Our Mission is to provide vital Life Skills to disadvantaged East African children to enable them to elevate the quality of their lives and futures.

Our Vision is a world where all young East Africans can become positive contributors to Society.  In other words, we support young East Africans, regardless of background and disadvantage, so they can succeed in all aspects of their lives.

We aim to enable their success by helping them as young people develop (through the medium of sport and other complementary activity) the skills, values and attitudes essential for leading a purposeful, fulfilling and rewarding life as a young adult.

Central to our Character Through Sport Programme is Character Education and the nurturing of positive character qualities, those judged to be the best predictors of personal and professional success, which, in turn, are the conduits to young people’s ability to achieve “success in all aspects of their lives.

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