EACDT delivers an innovative Character Education Programme, inspired by the work of the world renowned KIPP Foundation, that develops and instils in the participating young children seven key characteristics widely recognised as the best predictors of personal and professional success:


Finish what you have started: stick with it for more than just a few weeks. Try hard  even after you’ve experienced failure. Stay committed to goals – keep working hard, even when you feel like giving up.


Participate actively – approach new situations with excitement and energy.


Come to sessions prepared. Remember and follow directions. Get down to work right away – pay attention and resist distractions. Remain calm, even when criticised or provoked. Allow others to speak without interrupting – be polite to everyone.

Keep your temper in check.


Believe that effort will improve your future. When bad things happen, think about things you can do to make it better next time. Stay motivated even after things have not gone well. Believe you can improve things you are not good at.


Recognise what others do for you. Show appreciation for opportunities – express appreciation by saying ‘thank you’. Do something nice for someone else as a way of saying ‘thank you’.

Social Intelligence

Be able to find solutions to conflicts with others. Show care for the feelings of others. Adapt to different social situations


Be eager to explore new things. Ask questions to help learn better – take an active interest in learning.

These seven character traits are also identifiable in cricket as components essential to the playing of the game and achieving a successful result. Of all team sports, cricket relies upon a unique blend of individual skills and collective team application to succeed that in itself, becomes a metaphor for life in general. On their own, no one skill can achieve a positive result and every individual skill requires the support of the entire team to realise victory or a high performance level. It also requires strategic leadership, willing acceptance of roles, mental flexibility, personal application and communal engagement, all of which are essential to success in life.

As such, coaching and playing cricket provides a perfect vehicle by which to deliver the ‘character education’ syllabus that EACDT imparts, to better prepare young, disadvantaged children for the often extreme challenges life will throw at them.

The mission of the East Africa Cricket & Educational Foundation (EACF), is to transform the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young Africans through sport and education. Its dual-purpose Cricket and Character Education Programme not only develops young people as cricketers but, most importantly, develops them as valuable members of their communities.
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