The EACDT has 13 dedicated, passionate coaches, the majority of whom come from similar backgrounds to the children they teach and coach.

All are active cricketers. Some came through a similar development programme from the age of six, and some went on to play for Kenya.

They all share the conviction that enhancing an individual’s character through team sport can mean a better chance of a more rewarding and positive life. And they are the living proof of the power of that conviction.

My name is Dolla Abala and I have been working for the EACDT since 2014.

The best thing about the EACDT? Working with kids and to introduce a new sport to them. It has been an eye-opening experience working with underprivileged kids. And knowing that we can change a child’s life through the program ­ it’s humbling.

Since 2014 I have risen to the positions of a senior coach and a hub leader. I am a certified ICC Level 2 cricket coach. I am also a youth development coach at Kongonis Cricket Club who are a great partner of EACDT.


My name is Dominic Wesonga and I am 35 years old.

I have been involved with EACDT since April 2014.

Through discipline, determination, and loyalty, I became part of the programme. This came after I ended my contract with the Kenya national team.

The best thing about EACDT? Being trusted by parents and teachers to take care of their students and children, and give them training that will make a difference in their lives.

I have gained a lot of experience since I joined EACDT. I am a trained character tutor; a certified level 2 cricket coach and I have had on job training in delivery of character education. I have attended seminars organized by EACDT and Cricket Kenya. I also hold a certificate in player-centered coaching from CWB. My work at EACDT has also enhanced my contributions to the Kenya National Men’s Team as a player.


I am Joshua Odiwuor Oyieko, I am 44 years old.

I used to travel occasionally to Nairobi from upcountry, where I attended primary level of education. My father used live in the same compound with Thomas’, Francis’, and Kamande’s parents. I used to watch them play using maize cob and later developed to tennis ball. And that is how I developed an interest for the game, and later found myself playing too, moment I moved to Nairobi for higher education.

I have been involved with the EACDT program since Sept 2014. Joining the EACDT family came as a turning point not only because I loved the game and wanted to give back to the community in return, but I also had no job. I admired the EACDT’s goals and objectives as well as the remarkable strategy to achieve its plans. It has its staff at heart.

I am always moved by how EACDT programme gives hope to the less privileged kids, helped built a better life from a hopeless one. Again, the programme helps and empower the coaches mentally, educationally, and financially. The EACDT transforms lives through sports, and makes them better in future society.


I’m always moved by how the EACDT gives hope to disadvantaged kids, and helps and empower coaches mentally, educationally and financially. The EACDT transforms lives through sports, and makes them better people in the future.

My name is Margaret Banja. I was born in 1981.

I am a dedicated and experienced character educator and cricket coach with a strong passion for empowering the youth and making a positive impact on our community. Having played for the national cricket team I bring a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge to my coaching role.

Coaching achievements:

I joined EACDT in 2014. During my coaching journey, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring numerous talented young girls who have gone on to excel in the National Team and the National League. This is a testament to my commitment to nurturing and developing the potential of  young athletes.

Professional Background:

I have proudly served with the EACDT for several years, witnessing the incredible transformation our program has had on the lives of kids. The harmony between character development and cricket skills is what makes our approach unique and effective.

I am an ICC certified Level 2  coach. I also hold certificates in various courses including ICC Community Cricket Administration, Level 2 coaching from CWB, ICC Cricket Scorer Course Grade B, Cricket Kenya Development Programme Coaching, Player-Centered Cricket Coaching. I have rich work experience as cricket coach at EACDT and cricket Kenya as well as a player for Kenya national ladies’ team.

My Mission:

My greatest desire is to see the lives of these children positively impacted, not only through sports but also through the character-building values they acquire. I firmly believe that these influences are for the betterment of our schools and our community as a whole.

It’s my desire to nurture new talent that has led to me working with the EACDT for the last 10 years.

Sport plays a vital role in children’s lives, whether at a social or competitive level. We focus on character development and deliver it through cricket. It provides the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and self-esteem and create a positive self-image.

I love seeing kids’ passion and fun when playing the game that they previously knew absolutely nothing about; making friends and respecting each other. It opens opportunities – the programme doesn’t only focus on cricket, but on fundamental personality development, along with coordination, discipline and social development.

I am Martin Okoth.

Being raised in a family of four boys and three girls in a neighborhood which produced such great cricketers as Maurice Odumbe and Steve Tikolo made me want to learn the beautiful game.

It was my older brother Lucas and I who would later go ahead and learn the beautiful game. We later learnt about the Kongonis Cricket Club, which promotes development, and we started training there every Wednesday and Friday.

I first started playing cricket at the national level in the U­15 games then joined U-19 and represented Kenya in U­19 World Cup in Ireland. I later joined Kenya National Men’s Team where I play to date.

I am an ICC certified level 2 coach and a trained character tutor. The programme has given me an opportunity to meet people who I would never have met otherwise. That’s why I am committed to giving back to society, and sharing my cricket skills with the young stars of the future.


I am Paul Anjere.

I am a character educator and a cricket coach. I am a certified ICC level 2 coach. I have attended character development course, seminars, and on-job training at EACDT. I have also undertaken level 2 cricket coaching and player-centered coaching courses at CWB. Besides, I hold an ICC Certificate in Cricket Administration.

I joined the program in 2014 as an ordinary coach and I was later promoted to the position of a hub leader in 2018. I am always passionate to deliver my set objectives and I always make sure the kids that am involved with do enjoy what we teach.

The eight key characters have not only helped the kids that we coach, but have also helped me sharpen my life skills in many ways. EACDT has played a big role in my life, it has also helped me develop good relationships with the teachers, parents, alumni and the boys and girls that we have been involved with ever since we started the program.

One of my greatest achievements is seeing the group that we started with having completed studies and grown to be respectable adults in the community.


My name is Peter Kituku Musango.

I was born in 1988 in Nairobi, and attended Muranga Road Primary School in Ngara Nairobi, where I started playing cricket in Class 4.

I first knew cricket on our estate in Ngara, next to a cricket stadium (Nairobi Gymkhana) where I used to watch my older friends play cricket using a maize cob as a ball, a tree branch as a bat and stumps drawn on the wall.

When I was a ball boy at a tennis court in Nairobi Gymkhana, I would steal a tennis ball to play cricket on our estate. I would watch cricket games on Sundays, and when Kenya was playing, I would jump over the wall to watch the game.

A year or two later, after we were noticed playing cricket at our estate In Ngara, we were taken to Nairobi Club to train. Through the Kenya Kongonis colts’ program, I have achieved a lot ¬ like playing for Kenya and becoming a coach, too.

I joined EACDT in 2014 as a coach, and as EACDT we’ve been training and teaching students and teachers about cricket and character development.

We’ve seen positive responses from teachers and parents, who encourage our program. Some parents say that it has changed their children for the better. The holiday camps have kept their children away from drugs and other vices, such as peer pressure and early pregnancies. Some of the children have improved their academic grades.

As a coach, I am happy seeing my students change from their past bad vices to good characters and improve academically. I also feel respected and appreciated in all the schools and by the parents too, and that gives me the morale to love my job.


My name is Sarah Bhakita.

I am an ICC certified Level 2 Cricket coach and I am a qualified  ICC Course Grade B Cricket Scorer. I also hold  ICC Certificate in Cricket Administrators Programme as well as certificate in Financial Management.

I got involved with the EACDT because I have a passion for cricket, and would like to see the young ones involved with this lovely game.

My own cricketing hero is Sachin Tendulkar, a great batsman who retains humility amidst all the success.

Read Sarah’s Story

eacdt coach mercy line ochleng

My name is Mercyline Adhiambo. I am 35 years and I have been part of the EACDT team since 2017.

I am a trained character tutor, a certified level 2 cricket coach and a holder of player-centered coaching certificate.

As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a coach, EACDT has given me the opportunity to be more than a cricket coach to all the kids I come into contact with, I am a mentor, a teacher, a motivator and someone they can look up to. Bringing out the best in the kids and being able to witness complete transformation in these kids as a result of character education through cricket is the best part of working at EACDT.

My name is Jane Achieng, I am 28 years old and I join EACDT in 2017.

I started playing cricket in primary school, I used to play other sports like football, but one day I got interested in cricket kept on playing. Being the school games captain made me want to be part of it even more. And little did I know things would become more interesting because I made it to the Kenya under 19 while still in primary school. I encouraged myself not to slow down and kept the hard work. I later made it to the national team. Joining EACDT was just a privilege and a great opportunity to share my skills with the young generation as I also learn more.


I am a trained character tutor and an ICC certified level 2 cricket coach. I have attended seminars and had on job training on character education delivery and coaching. I also hold a certificate in player-centered coaching from CWB. The knowledge and skills I have gained through EACDT has improved my contributions to the Kenya National Women’s Cricket team as a player. .

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