The Character Through Sport Programme is delivered in Nairobi’s slum communities to benefit some of Kenya’s most disadvantaged young people – girls and boys in equal numbers.  The Programme has Education at its heart – proper holistic Education based on developing the whole person so that, irrespective of formal education opportunities, young people can face their personal and professional futures with greater confidence and ambition.

The Character Through Sport Programme has three inter-related components, each designed to translate our Vision and Aim into focused, structured activity which can deliver strong short-term, mid-term and longer-term outcomes with the young people with whom we work.

The outcomes we aspire to achieve relate to personal fulfilment and wellbeing, to academic success at school and/or (where appropriate) at university, to their futures within the national workforce, as active citizens and as outstanding role-models.

In engaging girls and boys in equal proportions, EACDT is mindful of the need to empower all disadvantaged people regardless of their gender, but we are also especially aware of the particular need to empower girls and women in a place in which they have faced significant historic gender-based discrimination and been denied adequate opportunities.

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