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Make Lives Better

Transforming the lives of African Children through Character Education and Cricket

About the EACDT

The East Africa Character Development Trust (EACDT) aims to transform the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young Africans through sport and education.

What we do

Our Stories

The EACDT works with some of the most disadvantaged children in the world. Yet their stories, however heartbreaking, are always always uplifting.

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Our Team

The EACDT has twelve dedicated and passionate coaches, the majority of whom come from very similar backgrounds to the children they teach and coach.

Meet the Team

The EACDT Character Development Programme gives the children hope for their future.

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We are extremely grateful to Unicorn Shipping Ltd for their generous help and support shipping kit and equipment to Kenya. unicornsl.co.uk


The Schools

The EACDT currently works in 17 schools in and around Nairobi, Kenya. Many of these schools are in the poorest slums of the city and face a multitude of challenges. From chronic overcrowding to lack of resources to frequent theft of school property by local residents, the schools are challenged every day. And yet, their teachers and pupils are full of smiles and resolve and are hugely appreciative of all help they receive.  To learn more about each school, click on any of them on the map on the right.

“Knowing that we can change a child’s life through the programme – it’s humbling”

Dolla Abala, EACDT Coach

Our Coaches

Sarah Bhakita
Paul Anjere
eacdt coach newton muthee
Newton Muthee
Margaret Banja
Mary Ngoche
Joshua Odiwour Oyieko
Emmanuel Juma
Kevin Mbaya
Peter Kituku Musango
Domini Wesonga
Dolla Abala
Martin Okoth
eacdt coach mercy line ochleng
Mercyline Ochleng
eacdt coach Jane Achieng
Jane Achieng

“As a result of the EACDT, the children have a shining light at the end of the tunnel.”

Mrs Kioko, Deputy Head, Kangemi Primary School

Our Patrons

Sir Ian Botham OBE

“Playing competitive sport taught me how to be resilient and competitive; qualities that are essential in all walks of life.”

Clare Connor OBE

“I’ve benefitted from the power of sport and education but countless girls and boys in East Africa have not. EACDT aims to provide those gifts to as many children as possible and I’m proud to be a Patron of the charity.”

Dr. Mike Boit

“The use of cricket to develop character at this point in time is most desirable. The use of cricket character development is a most realistic solution to the social problems affecting the youth.”

David Gower OBE

“I know East Africa well & the hurdles many of its young people must clear to have even half-decent lives. This EACDT initiative, combining education & life skills through sport, deserves as much support as we can give it.”

Derek Pringle

“Having been born in, and grown up in, Kenya, I know how tough life is for so many children there. I am thrilled that EACDT is going to bring about significant changes and that so many lives will be enriched as a result.”

Mike Gatting OBE

“Cricket has made me the person I am! The lessons learnt through leading a team, or simply being part of a team, are lessons for life. It has saddened me that in Britain and in many other parts of the world the part that sport can play in bringing out the best in people is under-valued.”

Michael Hastings, Baron Hastings of Scarisbrick

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