The Children

The EACDT exists to improve the lives of the children of East Africa. Here, you will find the emotional and uplifting stories of some of the kids we have the great fortune to work with. Learn about their stories and how their teachers are seeing them develop.

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The Schools

The EACDT currently works in 17 schools in and around Nairobi, Kenya. Many of these schools are in the poorest slums and face a multitude of challenges. From chronic overcrowding to lack of resources to frequent theft of school property by local residents, the schools are challenged every day. And yet, their teachers and pupils are full of smiles and resolve and are hugely appreciative of all help they receive.

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The Teachers

The teachers we work with are hugely appreciative and supportive of the work of the EACDT. Every day they are challenged as teachers and mentors in ways we can never imagine.

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