My name is Peter Kituku Musango. I was born in 1988 in Nairobi, and attended Muranga Road Primary School in Ngara Nairobi, where I started playing cricket in Class 4.

I first knew cricket on our estate in Ngara, next to a cricket stadium (Nairobi Gymkhana) where I used to watch my older friends play cricket using a maize cob as a ball, a tree branch as a bat and stumps drawn on the wall.

When I was a ballboy at a tennis court in Nairobi Gymkhana, I would steal a tennis ball to play cricket on our estate. I would watch cricket games on Sundays, and when Kenya was playing, I would jump over the wall to watch the game.

A year or two later, after we were noticed playing cricket at our estate In Ngara, we were taken to Nairobi Club to train. Through the Kenya Kongonis colts program, I have achieved a lot ­ like playing for Kenya and becoming a coach, too.

I joined EACDT in 2014 as a coach, and as EACDT we’ve been training and teaching students and teachers about cricket and character development.

We’ve seen positive responses from teachers and parents, who encourage our program. Some parents say that it has changed their children for the better. The holiday camps have kept their children away from drugs and other vices, such as peer pressure and early pregnancies. Some of the children have improved their academic grades.

As a coach, I am happy seeing my students change from their past bad vices to good characters and improve academically. I also feel respected and appreciated in all the schools and by the parents too, and that gives me the morale to love my job. Through EACDT, I am able to provide for my family.

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