My name is Ubah Hussein. I am 15 years old, and was born in Wajir, where I stayed with my mother, who had a small business. I came to Nairobi in 2006.

My father was in Nairobi at that time looking for work, but he was not lucky enough to find any.

In 2006, my mother and I came to Nairobi, where she started a small business to provide us with basic needs. Later on, I joined Muslim primary school. I needed to work hard at school so that I could help my mother in the future, which I am. My father gave up looking for work, leaving my siblings and I under my mother’s care.

Last year, while I was in class 7, my mother got sick and was hospitalised, so I had to stay at home and care for my siblings.

My mother was hospitalised for a month. My father felt pity on us and cleared the hospital bills, somehow. After my mother came home, she continued to work as usual but this time around she had no energy – she was still unwell.

My mother passed away due to high blood pressure. But I am determined to work very hard in order to help my siblings.

I joined the EACDT in July 2014, after the coaches came to our school to introduce cricket and character development. I enjoy playing cricket, learning about the seven characters and how they relate to the game, school and the day to day life. I also enjoy the holiday camps, getting to travel and to meet new people.

Now I can say that I am a good cricketer thanks to the program. My dream is to play cricket for Kenya.

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