Teddy Odhiambo is one of the EACDT’s best stories.

Teddy’s a strong, energetic, enthusiastic, humble fellow who embraces everything that comes along with vigour.

Before joining the EACDT programme, his headteacher Mr. John Itchisitwa says he used to be a regular school absentee. As soon as he joined the programme, his average grades rose rapidly as he regularly attending classes.

The EACDT cricket programme has had a real impact on Teddy’s life – he now shows leadership skills, and many of his classmates have come to depend on him.

Teddy’s 13, and a single child. He loves the programme, and has vowed to work hard at his cricket. The EACDT coaches will continue encouraging him to realise his goals.

With three years remaining at Kabiro primary school, where he enrolled in 2014, the EACDT will continue to sharpen the skills he needs to achieve his best before completing his education.

His mother and teachers are very supportive of the programme, and of Teddy’s involvement in it.

With their commitment and ours, Teddy’s chances of achieving the realisation of his talent are very high.

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