I am 16, and live in Majengo. I was born in the slum, and I live near Gikomba market with my mother, who is a single parent and struggling to raise us.

I am the first born of five boys in my family. Sometimes the only food we get to eat is provided by the school at lunchtime. When I get to work and earn a little money, I help my mother buy something to eat for that day.

But I am optimistic that things will get better for my family.

I have been participating in the cricket program for nearly two years now. I got involved when coach Dolla and his team came to our school to introduce the program. Aside from playing cricket, the program helped me to know more about the game of cricket, and through the programme I have learnt how to get on with people and to stick at things that are very difficult at first.

I have played cricket in the premier league of Kenya for the Kenya Kongonis first team, which is a dream come true. I dream that one day I will be a professional cricket player for my nation, Kenya.

Stephen’s Headmaster is Mr. Karioki Julius:

Stephen is an excellent student, and since the program started I have seen his character change a lot. Nowadays he is persistent in what he does; he never gives up.

And his mother has told me that she has seen a lot of improvement with her son’s school work and at home. Keep up the good work!

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