Meet Lavender Alivistar, a naturally talented 12 year old girl currently in Class 6.

She’s the first born of an amazing family of three. Her two siblings are twins, and attend the same school, both in lower classes.

Lavender enrolled at Kawangware in 2012 in Class 3, and she is active in her academic and social life.

At first, Lavender was not that into cricket. Then we discovered her potential, encouraging her to achieve the best from the programme. Her participation has led to her being selected for the National U-15 Women’s training camp, alongside two of her classmates (Marion Juma and Lilian Iramwenya).

Lavender has excelled, and is determined to work hard. Her national coaches have shown great interest in her ability. They believe with hard work and concentration in developing her skills, she will achieve great success in the sport.

Mr. Enoch Idambo and Mrs. Harriet Liavi have demonstrated great support in the progress of their daughter’s life, including participation in the programme.

With her superb bowling skills and height, she will bowl her way to success in her field of her choice.

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