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EACDT Trustee, Julian Ince, visited one of our satellite schools for the first time. Here is his report:-

“I went for the first time to one of the schools at which we’re working and I just have to let you all know how impressed I was with the progress that is being made. After five weeks or so, a proper game of Kwik Cricket was being played with runs being scored, catches being taken, run outs taking place and everyone involved clearly focusing on what they were doing. The head coach, Emmanuel, told me this was the fifth or sixth match that’s now been played at the school.

It was absolutely heart-warming to see the young children – from about 8, I would guess, at the bottom end to one who was about 16 at the top end – not only enjoying themselves but playing proper cricket, albeit with Kwik Cricket equipment. All bowled with a straight arm, a number were clearly very proficient with the bat and the fielding was astonishing at times, given the state of the outfield and their short experience of the game.

They’ve clearly learned a lot in a short space of time, understanding fully the principles of running between the wickets, calling for a run (or not), how to stand in the crease, stumping, run outs and so on. It’s a great credit to the coaches and to the pupils’ enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

There were at least as many girls as boys taking part and one in particular had a throw that got the ball in from the boundary to the wicket on the full and the same girl took a marvellous leaping catch at mid-wicket. All the girls bowled well and one or two batted quite reasonably.

There was a remarkable amount of talent on display and what was also encouraging was the number of children watching the game (as exams had finished for the day). It will be quite tricky for the coaches to select the few children who will attend the holiday camp that begins at the end of November and who to leave out.

The character trait of the day was “Curiosity” and there was a question and answer session before play started to illustrate the point and another that took place after play had finished.

If the other schools are doing as well, we shall shortly have a lot of inter-schools cricket going on, at least at primary level.”

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