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“I was taken aback – perhaps I should not have been – by the state of the [primary] schools, the over-crowding – over 1000 pupils in each school; classes of 80 with five boys and girls sharing a desk designed for two – the low levels of sanitation, the lack of facilities and resources. There are so many needs and the levels of deprivation and disadvantage so extreme. The Head said that over 50% of boys and girls were either orphaned or else products of single-parent families.

So, what do we mean by gratitude

The staff at New Kihumbuini and the cricket teacher at Kihumbhuini could not have been more affirming of the EACDT programme. Quite unsolicited, they were all aware of the character development component and talked about the clear improvements they had detected in the behaviour and attitudes of the boys and girls that had been engaged. It was as if they had been primed – but they had not been!

The cricket activity taking place was in the form of one cricket game involving at least 60 boys and girls.”

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