A Heartwarming Story

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Every now and then a small action or incident happens along to make you realise the huge impact EACDT is bringing to the lives of some of the children within the programme.

Few stories can better illustrate what our project is all about, both in the character development and also the cricket sense, than the following story:

The Children attend New Kihumbuini Primary School in Kangemi and were participants in a Christmas Holiday Camp.

Emmanuel Opura, the Lead Coach for the Hub, texted me the following:

‘Its amazing the amount of enthusiasm created since the start of the programme. These kids didn’t have any cricket equipment at home after the holiday camp but because they loved the game so much they managed to make their own bats out of waste wood altAoB-QWW92Kt6n5pyHWSK24KGxNLUbvPtOrK270KWAqfkand have been playing ever since…SO encouraging to see’

That is a wonderful understatement.


Of our seven Character traits, Curiosity, Determination, Enthusiasm and Optimism all spring to mind.


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